Your music teacher always told you to practise. They always told you 20 minutes every day, or maybe they told you an hour every second day… or maybe they said 5 minutes every time you brush your teeth.. Whatever they said, I’m sure they said to practise. And I’m sure, without too much explanation from me, or anyone, that you don’t need to be told why. It makes you better!!

But a clear lesson was taught to me last week, one that I’m sure I knew previously, but, perhaps I needed to learn again. Practise also makes you stronger. Of course, I mean this on what ever instrument you play, but here, I’m specifically talking about singing.

Practise will teach you new things the further you explore – with technique, musical theory, about harmony; your microphone technique, your song writing skills, your agility, your tone and your enjoyment with your voice will all improve and grow.

But you will also grow stronger the more your practise. Your stamina will increase. Just like an athlete must train every day, stretch and warm up, playing their sport and then caring for their muscles after the game, so must you, and I, practise every day to keep our vocal folds, our muscles and our voice in good health.

The opposite of doing this, is singing that once a week at the weekly singing lesson, or letting practise slip and singing only at your rehearsals and gigs. Trust me, if you do this for a little over long enough, you will lose your voice in the middle of the gig. And that is such a terrifying, sad and helpless feeling.

Take care of your voice, by using your voice, sharing your voice and loving your voice.