Brunch Choir Lennox Head
Brunch Choir


Brunch Choir

11am – Every Tuesday in NSW School Term

1 Hour – $15

At The Lennox Head Surf Club – Head Upstairs!

What is Brunch Choir Lennox Head?

Brunch Choir is first and foremost an opportunity to make a new friend or two, connect and sing together and have a laugh and some fun.

We’ll start with a hello. It’s a very casual sing. If you want intense 8 part choral choral training, this might not be your kettle of fish. 

We’ll begin with some vocal warm-ups and movement, an introduction to vocal music theory and very fun and easy vocal techniques to explore your sound and breath.

And then on to singing some songs together. Sometimes I hand out sheet music, or a lyric sheet, but not always. There is no expectation. All level of singers are welcome. 

I will introduce and lead the songs, but I look forward to this being an organic group, where we co-create some parts of arrangements. And other parts are set. 

My musical passions lie in soul, jazz, folk, gospel and rock music. I am from Ballina, NSW. I teach these traditions of music with mush respect and acknowledgement of why and where they come from. 

I look forward to introducing easy and challenging songs, vocal harmony, singing along with guitar and/or piano and acapella.

A little about me

My name is Shelly Brown. I’m a local singer, songwriter and vocal coach. I have been a singing teacher for over 25 years (aw ma gawd), and I have taught singing workshops in various forms and version over the last decade or so.

I love soul music, Gospel music, singing world music in rich harmony, and writing songs. My all time hero is Tony Backhouse. And extra extraordinary Gospel Music Choir Conductor from New Zealand, now based in Sydney.

I’m a singing teacher who works really hard to make sure lessons are fun, engaging and inclusive. Most people who come to lessons have had a hard time at some point in their lives with singing, and I aim to help heal that time and find a new place to love singing from. I know this can be a challenge in a group. But I hope that you will give it a go and see if it makes your heart sing with joy! It’s really important to me that everyone feels welcome, and has a space in the circle that they can move and feel comfortable in.

Send me any questions or concerns you have, and I’ll see you there!

xx Shelly.

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Join Soul Singer Shelly Brown for a deep dive into choir singing and vocal technique. Set your voice free and get your groove on!

This will be a choir unlike anything you’ve been to. A Singing Lesson, a trip around how harmony works, thoughtful ways to improvise in song using movement and playfulness, and using creativity to shape your vocal tone and expression. Through Gospel, Soul, Pacific Islands and Australian Music traditions, with respect and acknowledgement of these incredible roots music styles, we will sing.



  • A space large Covered Space
  • No Electricity Required. I play an acoustic guitar
  • I provide all sheet music and hand-outs
  • All Ages Welcome