Singing Lessons for No One

Singing Lessons for No One – Podcast

For some people, singing is second nature. Animal instinct. Life would be strange if they were not absentmindedly humming, whistling, singing, tapping, dancing, expressing. For some cultures, it’s built in; for some ages, it’s natural; for some people, it’s easy.

For some though… it’s hard. Some have these inner voices that whisper not to do that, for which ever reason. Some one said not to. Or they got close to this thing they thought they might like, and for some reason, they stuck it in reverse and go the hell out of there.

Most people that I coach are looking for their license.

They are looking for that sign from the universe that gives them the ok. The go for it. The ‘just enjoy it’, or even the ‘who dared to take this away from you’. Not striving for the Olympics of singing, just a little more confidence, a little more knowledge, a little focus, a little joy.

I think it takes a little chunk of courage, a sprinkle of reckless abandon, and a tablespoon of strength and energy to approach something you like and to go try a lesson, to look at techniques, to learn it’s language, to try.

I’ve recorded this podcast for all the people I’ve ever taught and for all the fun we’ve had. For any string of courage I have helped you build, for any music theory I have helped stick in your brain and it’s never fallen out, and for all the teachers that inspired me, and stuck the language of singing in my head.

Singing Teachers are a particularly strange bunch. And there’s a fair bunch of us out there. I hope if singing is something you want to focus on that you find a singing teacher that you click with, that inspires and relaxes you, and helps you get what you want out of your unique sound and skill.

I have been teaching singing for over twenty years and I now teach singing in Lennox Head, NSW Australia. 

Throwing an Independent Musician a like here and there is the single easiest thing you can do to help the journey x

Singing Lessons For Noone is a Twig Bird Productions Podcast.

Recorded by: Shelly Brown

Music by: Dan Brown

Cover Art by: Jay Kingdom

With Thanks To: Dirk Terrill & James Boundy for Mixing & Mastering tips

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