I have currently turned my attentions towards leading Brunch Choir, teaching Singing and Songwriting Workshops, creating my podcast, and being a full time singer and songwriter. So, for now, I am unable to take on any new students.

You are most welcome to send a hello and jump on my mailing and waiting list for any lessons that may come up – but for the moment – all my teaching windows are booked.

My focus is mainly on having fun. Singing lessons aren’t meant to be scary.

My music studio in Lennox Head is a spacious, light filled bubble of instruments and comfy seats where you will feel inspired, energised and comfortable. Your lessons will be in a safe environment where you can feel utterly free and capable to experiment and learn about your voice and your sounds.

Lessons are tailored to you personally, and we will move at your speed. The only critic in the room will be you, and I’ll be working my absolute hardest to help you be nice to yourself as you learn.

My approach to singing lessons…

To share. To create. To laugh and to have fun. To not stress. To challenge and inspire. Nothing should hurt. Emotionally or physically.

Let’s answer the big questions first: Vocal Lessons are $90 Per Hour. 

Face to Face in my Studio in Lennox Head or Via Zoom World Wide. I teach students 12 years old and above.


More info below

2022/2023 Please Note: 

My beautiful music studio sustained massive damage in the Feb/March 2022 storms. Our house has been gutted for all these months, (still is – January 12th 2023). So, for all of this year, I have been unable to provide teaching singing lessons in the normal way that I do. It’s been a gut wrenching year.

I have started teaching the Songwriting and Vocal Joy Workshops at SAE Byron Bay for general public (you don’t have to be studying at SAE, and I re-birthed my vocal workshops – as The Brunch Choir in Lennox Head. This is more like a group singing lesson than a choir. With the main focus being on fun.

I have been able to teach singing lessons via Zoom, and I have taught a few lessons sitting by the sea. But for the next few months while builders have at at our house, I am not teaching a normal timetable. Please send a hello, please feel free to jump on my waiting list. Please accept my apology for being unable to get singing with you. Looking forward to being back on deck soon!!

I promise to be honest with you, and to tread gently with you, as this sound of your voice, that you allow to share with me, is personal and is to be treated with respect, joy and love. I don’t want to get all Byron Bay-hippie on you:), but I have been teaching and singing long enough to know that it can be really very scary, really very tremendous, and really very rewarding and fulfilling. I hope I can lead you into the maze, offer you some ways to navigate it, and I’m pretty sure you’ll amaze both of us.

I believe there is room enough in this grand old world for each of us to express ourselves and stand tall by that. And if you choose to do that by writing or singing a song, as I do, then I’d love to help you…. because I think I can.

Whats Gunna Happen?!

Lessons are one hour long. A general format (though nothing is set in stone):

5/10 minutes – Vocal warmups

15/20 minutes – Voice Technique (Exploring sound, tone, colour, breath, support etc) by utilising Music Theory (Scales, chords, rhythms, dynamic etc)

20/25 minutes – Singing a song The Student holds a passion for. I can teach voice. It’s harder to teach passion. Applying vocal technique to the song to manipulate and explore.

5/10 minutes – Considering the songs meanings and letting that dictate the vocal technique. No point doing fancy vocal stuff if it doesnt apply to what the heck you’re singing about.

5/10 minutes – Recap/Record/Last time through make it fun/Dance moves/Practise the hard bit a few more times/Plan our next lesson’s song/Take over the world.

TWIG BIRD PRODUCTIONS is the combined forces of Shelly and Dan Brown together to help you in any way we can, creatively and musically. We have nurtured, encouraged and supported many music students through the processes of singing lessons, recording sessions, creating film clips, recording backing tracks for exams and auditions. Students have come for lessons over their holidays to Byron Bay. Visitors from Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Townsville, Sydney and Melbourne have come along, studied singing and music theory, taken piano lessons, composed original songs, written song lyrics, improvised, recorded and flourished right before our eyes.

I do not claim to know all there is to know about singing, vocal techniques, theory, performance and music! No! Does anyone? Really? pfff. But I love learning and I love teaching.

My Vocal Experience

  • Taking contemporary and (a few) classical singing lessons since the age of 14 years old till 23 years, with several different vocal teachers,
  • Teaching all ages of vocal students since 1999,
  • Gaining my Certificate in Music at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore (1998),
  • Completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Music with Honours (Southern Cross University, NSW, 2003),
  • Growing up in the Northern Rivers with constant and joyful encouragement to preform at local jam nights (Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Lismore, Eltham, Ballina, Alstonville, Bangalow, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads and  Billinudgel),
  • A committed participant in African dance and drum classes,
  • Participating in World Music choirs, Gospel choirs and Community choirs,
  • Learning (or constantly trying to learn…) Spanish,
  • Learning about and researching speech and vocal therapy,
  • Taking sporadic half yearly courses on: drums, bass, guitar, flute. Whilst quietly trying my own ideas on banjo, ukulele, piano, baritone ukulele and electric guitar.
  • I currently take GUITAR LESSONS with Karl Farren in Mullumbimby Via ZOOM
  • I am a passionate member of the I HEART SONGWRITING CLUB.

I’ve performed in large funk bands (6 to 21 piece bands), small pop bands, duo’s, trios, quartets and as a solo artist. I have studied jazz since before I thought I could ever understand it. All of which has brought me to where I am today. And through these processes I have learnt that I love to share all of this amazing language that is Music. I love to be part of the inspiration process – your inspiration and mine. I love singing and I love seeing a student and friend progress, develop and succeed.

Finding the Singing Teacher that’s right for you…


I highly recommend shopping around and finding the right singing teacher for you. I’ll tell you now, singing teachers are a truly unique bunch of nut-cases. But, like many things in life, you’ve gotta find the person that clicks with you. That encourages and/or pushes and/or challenges and/or safeguards and/or nurtures and/or … you get the idea… If you’re with a teacher that makes you feel crap, GET OUT! You’re the Boss!

Sometimes my job is un-doing some stories from past singing scars… Don’t be that guy! I really find the need to have fresh exercises, to stay inspired, to feed my inner artist on the holidays, to stay keen as a bean. But if you don’t click with me, I can give you an excellent list of people who might be great.

I’m not great at musical theatre songs, not terrible – but not great, I’m not amazing at super fast r’n’b melismas – keen and working on it, but not a pro. I know where my weaknesses lie, and I know my strengths, and Im honest about it.Honesty is key. A lying singing teacher isn’t helping you, they’re just baby sitting. And that’s a high rate for a baby-sitter, so, no, get a teacher that can teach you what you want and need.x

Silly, fun, not heady. Approachable. Felt like a total relief. I’ve never looked forward to singing in a group and after the first day I would have been bummed to miss out. Shelly’s style is totally my jam. Because she is so competent at her craft, there is permission to be silly and fun because you know that all she has to do is open her mouth and sing one phrase and I’m like “I will literally do anything Shelly tells me to do if it means one day I can sing like that”.
November 2021