If you want to wash the dishes, but the thought of it sends you smushing your face deeper into the pillows of soft on the couch of hide, but you know it’s got to be done, to feed that divine hunger deep down in your soul to have a clean kitchen, with bubbly, shiny surfaces and the complete absence of cockroaches, mice and ants: just break it down.

Don’t think of it as “washing the dishes”, think of it more as dragging your tired, sullen footsies into the general sink area and just starting on one plate. Break it down. One coffee stained, crumb entangled vessel at a time. It will be ok. And the goal is in sight.

The thought of making and releasing an Album is the most exciting and terrifying thing I think I can comprehend right now (exciting; aside from the future… and terrifying; aside from Coal seam gas and the general state of the Earth’s environmental decline due to the collective idiocy of it’s delightful main inhabitants).

The overwhelming feelings tend to hit me in waves, as I navigate the daily bout of decisions I am now facing and teetering over, until I make a firm deep-gut decision and swing that sucker out of the ball park. And stealthily stand by said decision until proven wrong and then waddle back to my apple teacake on my couch of hide.

If you’ve been following this blog, dear reader, you’ll know I stuck to a mighty fine line up of broken-down, personally crafted deadlines. Those of writing songs; rehearsing songs; recording parts; mixing (well, that was done by the hand of Boundy God). We headed into Mastering with our heads proudly held high as slow motion building blocks in turn crashed down around us, as various implements needed to be serviced… I asked of everyone involved in this project to give me their best. To walk away proud. To want to share this when it’s done with the people they would want to share things like this with. And so we waited out the servicing and we all walked away with that happy, warm glow you get on the inside when even a cranky in the street won’t mess your day.

Shake it off. Break it down.

And now I am plunged into the world of an album release. I secretly, just between you and me, want to express myself like a crazed ex-girlfriend to the venues where I most want to play, who seem the most set on giving me the silent treatment. “Why won’t you call? I really thought we had something good going…”

But ever polite am I… A thousand emails like me they must receive every day.

Break it down. Shake it off.

Email, call, visit, send. Smile, chat, care. Listen and Learn. Share. Ask.

(If you’ve got any golden tips- wanna share them with me? If you want to know, ask.)

So, as I busy myself with that delight, there is a company, with a delightfully helpful man, in South Brisbane right now, pressing the Big Red Go button on duplicating my album. I can’t express to you how exciting that is.

My clean kitchen is going to have a box full of goals sitting in it very soon.

And I should probably start organising a party to celebrate it very soon. Because with all the little goals, and with all the hurdles, and all the worlds terrifying scary, and all the joy and love and support, and fear and doubt and hope, we should celebrate the goals we broke down, attacked, achieved, finished and ate for breakfast.