Armed with a pen and paper, take yourself to be sitting on the doorstep of any door in your house so that you are facing the outside world, with the back to your homes inside.

Take five calm, gentle breathes, in and out.

Look about your home’s exterior and write the one or two most beautiful things you can see from your position. Please feel free to break any rules during my exercises, for example, feel free to write the single most beautiful or the ten most beautiful things you can see, and by things, that can be anything or anyone.

Choose your most favourite beautiful thing you have written down, and in anyway whatsoever you choose, relate the following words to it. Long or short, one single word, or a novel if you desire.








turn your body 180 degrees so you are facing inwards, towards your home.

Repeat the entire exercise above.


Re-read all of your musings and underline your favourite phrases and words.

Did this exercise spark any creative ideas and/or stories for you to tell?