if you’re lucky,

super lucky,

you get to be a part of something massive and wonderful and enormous. Like an underground fungus, spreading from one side of your continent to another,

you get to be a part of a family of choirs, all learning the same songs,

all finding time, making time, making schedules work, fitting harmonies together

and then supporting the authors of those songs, as they travel your country to present and launch their album.

Last night, The Midnight Choir was a part of this adventure. As we sang out guts and glory out with Mama Kin Spender, launching Golden Magnetic (2018).

Glorious gospel voices from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales (Australia), brought their souls alive and lifted the roof at the Civic Hall in Mullumbimby.

And it was wonderful.

I sit here, in my hungover glow, reliving the gentle stress I felt, at worrying that I would belt a wrong note, in a wrong place, at the extreme of my emotional and vocal limit.

But muscle memory, outer body experience, ethereal astral travel and pure determination to get it right, prevailed.

Elation was massive. Spirits and souls were warmed.

Hearts were entangled.

Mama Kin Spender brought the love.

I am a super fan of Mama Kin’s stories, honesty, passion, grace, generosity, professionalism and vocal tone.

I am a super fan of Spender’s spacious and heavy, heavy groove, raw belt, humour, space, warmth.

I doubted my place there, because, at times, it was so hard to make it all fit. And I am so god damn happy, so god damn happy, so god. damn. happy in my soul, that i did make it work.

that i got to be in that.

Thank you.