Life has forever more changed for this little sleepy song writer.

big whump lil whumpAnd as it turns out. I’m a perfect cliche.

I’m fixated on issues of sleep, my brain doesn’t work properly, I take ages to get out the door, I wonder where my life went, I’m covered in baby drool, I have found a new smile in my face that I didn’t know existed… the list goes on.

And everyone you meet says “cherish every minute, it goes by so fast”, and you look back at them with wonder because last night felt like a million years long.

But I do know what they mean.

Days turn into nights, turn into days, and I don’t know which way is up, and around the world goes, with the News spurting disasters and soft puppy stories whether I watch it or not and some how we’re half way through another month already.

I need to find a mother’s group (do you know of any around here?) so I dont feel like I need a¬†psychologist, and I’m slowly finding ways to think about letting songs form and ease out of me once again.

So, this blog and this story isn’t done and dusted just yet dear friends, it’s just moving on a different space time¬†continuum.

Everything’s gonna be alright.