See, every now and then you see artists asking, requesting, and occasionally harassing you to pop over and “like” their artist page. You may just think it’s so they can get that warm gushy feeling inside, which it is, but there are other reasons.

See we’re trying to build this online profile, this online glowing screen lit number, which in some way might represent the number of actual human contact with real human beings that may arise at a venue with actual lights, and music, and rim shots and nice shoes. We use that number when we approach venues (in your town), apply to dream gigs, and generally set sail into the sky. Venues and ‘powers that be’ consider that number. Base their punt on it. Base taking a chance on the band on it. And fair enough, they’re setting sail into the sky with hopes and dreams too.

It’s funny that this is the way it is.

I think venues used to just take a chance, and then music would float out the window and down the street and happy-go-lucky people would just wander in. I think it was called the 80′s.