Up Coming things that are great!

Right Now (July 16 to 22, 2012) “Where The Owl Was” is ALBUM OF THE WEEK on Eastside Fm 89.7, in based Paddington, Sydney. Listen in for Album give aways every day with a bonanza giveaway on the last day! I hope to make some new friends via Eastside – they’re a beautiful crew of music lovers!

Gigs Coming up include:

Sunday, AUGUST THE 5TH @ ‘The By The River’ Lounge in Ballina. From 3PM ONLY $5 Tickets at the door. This will be a very dynamic trio presenting two keys, three vocals, guitar and drums. Check out how we do maths 🙂

Tuesday, AUGUST THE 14TH @ ‘The Rails’ in Byron Bay. 6PM-ish, Free entry, Catch the Trio here!

Sunday, AUGUST THE 19TH @ ‘St Elmo Dining’ in Byron Bay. From 3PM, free entry. Chilled out Duo, stunning restaurant, we get our blues and soul on.

Sunday, AUGUST THE 26th @ ‘The Sheoak Shack’ in Fingal Head. From 2PM, Free Entry, watch the river glitter and chill to some original and soul tracks.

Also, get in and check out EMBER MAGAZINE, this is a really stunning online magazine, beautiful images and layout, good for those rainy day, cup of tea on the couch things to browse… and you might just see someone you know in the next issue 🙂

Lastly, a very sweet souled singer I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing in person is running a POZIBLE thingy to help raise funds for a beautiful musical project. Her voice made my brain just stop and relax and listen and I am excited to help be a part of the movement that gets her voice and album into your ears. Check her out ~ The Project is called Li Li Kite. She’s 8o% there!!!

That’s all from me for now, I’ve got a list of something to do, and I think it involves a film crew, so I better get wriggling…

Hope you’re all well out there in glowing screen land.

Love love,

Me. x


We snuck away to Kakadu and Darwin for a week cause I sneeze like a road train when it gets cold. If you get the chance, go. We totally loved it.