I hope You’re well!

I write to tell you about the Iron Creative presented by the Northern Rivers Con. 

First things first – It’s free.

Second thing second – It’ll be fun. 

I am one of the lovely mentors in this collaborative musical experience. 

Participants will be divided into a number of ensembles, and work with their mentors (on Thursday night’s in Lismore for a few weeks) creating a performance and then present it at the Lismore Lantern Parade. 

I’d like to note, this is way more about the journey than the destination. 

I’ll be guided by the group, but I have high hopes I can help workshop: songwriting, performance skills, mic technique, singing technique, finding the groove, working as a band, encouraging the networking(!), working on performance anxiety so that it’s performance excitement(!), building friendships, learning more about the Con, and then the apple pie with ice-cream at the end – is performing to the Lantern Parade. A glorious Mid-winter community celebration with lanterns, and, let’s face it, there’s donuts. Just sayin. 

The Poster (BELOW) has more info, The Con has lots of info, and I have lots of encouragement – let me know what you need!

Please express your interest, share this event with someone who you think would love it and get involved!

Many thanks!



Iron Creative

Iron Creative Northern Rivers Conservatorium Music Collaboration