I’ve been teaching a very wide variety of wonderful students this past term, and looking forward to working with them again as the new term approaches, and have been brainstorming appropriate and inspiring songs to work on with each and every one. The best thing you can come to a singing lesson with, is a whole lot of passion and energy, and the second best thing you can come along with is a song, or some songs or a genre of songs you want to work with. This isn’t necessary, but it helps get on the right track. That being said, I’m happy to figure out what you want to do – Of Course!!

I remember when I was fifteen my singing teacher at the time chose all the songs we would work on, and I remember one in particular that still baffles me today as to why she chose it. It was just so, not, me. So I keep that in mind when I’m brainstorming what I think would be interesting for a student.

So I’ve been enjoying the “Create Playlist” button on my Twig Bird Productions Youtube channel, and I invite you to check it out and to also share with me your favourite songs. What gets your heart pumping? What makes you hold your breath and listen? What makes you dance and wiggle and swoon? What makes you happy when you’re down, or what takes you down where it’s ok to go.