Or maybe I should call is Blingspiration, and then shudder with embarrassment that I wrote that…. but I just wanted to create a little Blog Inspiration page dedicated to the Blogs that take me to another place while I awake in my little home, coffee sipping and welcoming the world into my brain for another day.

My favourite above all, I’m sorry to all the rest, is some very talented friends of mine, an Australian and Belgian, who have dedicated their lives, for the time being, to driving around Australia. Working, living, meeting people (travellers and locals), taking beautiful photos and learning about this country. Tash writes with the most beautiful and unique eloquence I am usually transfixed. I’m sure Dave does too, but it’s in Flemish…. Enjoy.



Next is an amazing and beautiful artist residing in the Northern Rivers. I rang her up a few months ago and requested on my hands and knees for her to make some artwork for my upcoming album, which I am happy to say will be coming out in January 2012, adorned with her beautiful art. Delighted!

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Coming out of the left field is a creature of joy from Brisbane, Australia. I still remember the first chord of the first song we ever played together. Seated at her Nord, she sprawled the most texturally sexy opening chord for a chilled out restaurant version of Nature Boy… I nearly peed my pants…. or dress. I usually keep myself away from her blog, so I can save them up and just lush out on a few at a time, like a rainy day secret television obsession. I introduce to you: Peta.



Swinging in from far off amazing places is Ngaiire’s Nest. This young, stunning vocalist, based currently in Sydney, can pull tears from my eyes with her tone, lyrics, grooves and style. A visual and audio artist from the soul, delivers true performances… the girl puts some freakin effort in. I can’t take anymore bored looking bands, with the single self indulgent muso, sucking up the light from all stars of the galaxy. I don’t need bells and whistles, I don’t even need glitter, just pasion. Is that really too much to ask? So check out Ngaiire and her band. Get some Passion.



Which leaves one more, for today anyway, which is a cheeky addition to the ranks…. see if you can pick it. Nah, I’ll tell you, It’s my Dad’s. My Dad makes Light Sport Aircraft. And has a brain whizzing along usually* at the speed of light. Thus forth, pouring a million and one world changing ideas. Some of which are expressed on this blog:



*Unless he’s asleep under a tree near a beach.


What’s your favourite?