If I Sleep            Shelly Brown 2017

|| E                  | E                  | B                  | B                  ||

If I sleep on my side of the bed here.

And you sleep, on your side of the bed there.

Maybe somehow, We could lay , beside each other

in the dreams that combine us      Maybe… Maybe…


If I need, on my side of my heart here

And you need, on your side of your heart there

Than maybe some how, We could be, drawn together,

In dreams that combine us.            Maybe… Maybe.


|| F#-            | E                  | F#-            | E                  |

| G#-            | F#-            | E                  | E                  |

You, a speckled grain of dust

in the smallest corner of the universe

Me, floating between land and lust

For dreams that revive us      May it be…      May it be….


If I wait, on my side of this wall here

And you wait, On your side of that wall there

Maybe somehow, we could cross, The universe

These thoughts that divide us.            Maybe… That divide us…




|| A                  | E                  | A                  | E                  |

| G#-            | F#-            | E                  | E                  ||

If I wait on my side here

If you wait, on your side there

Its only a matter of time till our hearts decide us.