I haven’t seen you

In weeks it seems,

It must have been a whole month I guess,

But I always see you here

Under these trees

Watching your family grow,

For all of these years,

And mine, look! Can you believe?!

We never really have truly connected,

Like at a dinner party or a road trip or a baby play date,

But we’re always so polite,

But somehow my day doesn’t seem finished

Until I’ve seen your smile here

With a bag full of tomatoes and grapes.

Sometimes I can’t even think of your name.

Though I’m sure it starts with a K,

And even though I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say,

It doesn’t matter,

Its not your name I need.

It’s your smile.

It’s your face.


And its quiet at my house on a Sunday,

Still and safe,

I could easily hide away in my secret garden, sprinkler on, baby play,

But I will risk it to steal away,

Just for an hour or two to see my favourite sunny place,

With a breeze and some trees and my own personal ocean roar.

It’s worth it,

If I’m quick,

And the sun doesn’t hit me like a brick,

To traipse around the shade,

And smile with friends and strangers,

Make a new friend,

Get some bananas.

Debate the needs of my pantry,

Stand and wait for the stragglers.

“Come on mum, I’ve gotta pick up my hydrangeas…”


it’s a sweet day,

and I don’t always make it,

but it makes for a healthy feast,

and a fun family trip

and a family legacy, started long ago,

that I hope remains.


lennox head