I’m inspired.

I have just ridden my bike down to the post office of my sleepy town and posted the first copy of my cd to a friend, fan and fellow musician to start getting some thoughts and ideas gathered for what and how to “do it” to the music… world.

I’m feeling good. Whether it’s big or small things that happen from here, I love it. I have made something I love. And I’m proud of it. So I shall fly on this positive feeling, wind in my hair, frangipani’s in the air for as long as it dares carry me.

It is a cd. A mere little cd, from a spindle, with no printy ink, no ISRC just right yet, no artwork attached, nothing. Effectively, I’m sending off my songs, kinda nude. Like a pikininnie in the lake, foot loose and fancy free, dancing on a windsurfer with no surf. Like a puppy at the beach with it’s leash taken off, feeling the wind in it’s little ears for the first time and realising the beach goes for 7 miles. Like me, in New York, looking at shoes and wishing I could walk.

So I’m inspired this morning by photography.

As I troll the connections I have firmly implanted in my brain with the internet, I am inspired by flour…



Tired of watching


Im always in love with this Ani D Picture


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