This past week I had the extreme joy of being a guest Singing and Vocal Teacher for Dr Louise Mahler’s Presence, Influence and Vocal Intelligence” Executive Retreat at Byron Bay’s Gaia Retreat and Spa.

Louise led the group through a week of workshops to unleash authentic, powerful voice; in a safe, constructive, nurturing and intimate environment, surrounded by the beauty of Gaia Retreat. They worked towards acquiring new skills to radically enhance their abilities to express their visions, ideas & plans; finding ways to become a commanding presence and make more persuasive and influential outcomes in work and life. It was a rare opportunity to spend quality 1:1 & group time with Dr Louise in an inspiring environment. Louise’s mantra is ‘ruthless compassion’ and her award-winning framework and coaching will achieve life-changing results. More info…

I was delighted to be welcomes in to run singing workshops with each of the participants; and I found the energy of Gaia Retreat to be quite magical, if I’m being honest….

Thank you so much for having me Louise. It was an absolute pleasure.

Hey, speaking of Retreats, one of the most glorious women I know is running a Connection & Integration Retreat this weekend (and another one in June) at Temple Byron.

Danielle Gigante at Resonate Therapies will lead you through two full days of fascinating, informative ancient knowledge, delivered in a beautiful, heart connected environment. A must for anyone who works with energy, works in natural therapies, is awakening to another level of energetic understanding or wants to connect with the ancient pathways of our bodies. 

Dr Louise Mahler Executive Retreats