Whilst my amazing engineer completes the final stages of mixing my new album and I have a list the length of my arm to complete…. like finished album artwork layout, spell everyone’s name correctly, organise duplication process, pay for things, and remember to drink water, I would like to collate a delightful list of “Things to do that help you totally procrastinate with colour, flair and crafty eyes“.

Beginning with: Make pretty things with 2011 Calendars.

Our dear sweet 2010 Christmas gifts of 2011 Calendars have come to an end. They’ve seen us through good times and bad, stood by us when we were wrong and when we were right, laughed at our bad jokes, seen us trip and fall and pick our selves up again, even kept it quiet when a parsnip rolled under the fridge and no one wanted to get it out for a week, but now, 2011 is finished, and I can’t bear to put an entire Leunig Calendar in the bin. With is shiny paper, and it’s spiky staples, and it’s dear commentary of human existence.

And so, in preparation for decorating the anual pilgrimage to Summersong Music Camp, where one is invited to decorate and lively up the areas of musical delight, which usually are the place of children school camp memories of summers past (…ah Mr Raftery, your evil eyes of year 5 still taunt me to this day), are now the place of community, joy, music and singing in a tea tree lake.

So I shall take My Leunig Calendar (apologizing repetitively for what I’m about to do to it, Sorry Mr Leunig), and other sweet strong papered friends, take page by page, folding them so one page sits 4 sheets thick, joined by their spine fold, and cut symmetrical Byron Bay-esk shapes; butterfly’s, spheres, stars and catterpillers, so that the sketches are still quite visible, and sew them together (Inspired by the beautiful paper sewing artworks of Katie Alleva) till they form a hanging string of crafty joy…. also known as a mobile…. or pretty hanging thing.

Complete by hanging them somewhere cute and taking a photo with your hipstamatic to complete that true hipster vibe.


Procrastination complete.

Now, what’s for lunch.