Nervous and excited.

The gig’s about to start, you’ve practised your heart out, you’ve written your set list,

you’ve brushed yourself up and you look sparkling,

but right now, deep down in your belly, rising slowly through to the very ends of all your being, you’re excited and you’re nervous.

There is no magical cure.

There’s no pill you can take, no tea you can drink, no wand I can wave.

Nerves are just part of the deal.

There’s only a few things I can suggest, and they are so small that you might think there’s no way that will help.

But this is my two cents page… and you are here.


The first thing you can do is to be prepared.

Know your songs, know your starting note – or know how to get it, same goes for your tempo, groove, smile and dancing shoes….

The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to freak out cause you don’t know what you’re doing on stage. You’ll know and trust what you’re doing, the more you know your songs and your voice.


The second thing is remember to breathe.

I know, I know, you’re looking for magically transforming tips for your gig tomorrow and you’re freaking out.

But, before you sing and perform, take some big strong breaths in and out while you stretch and ready your body. Do something kind of like yoga. For as long or as short as you wish. Let your body and your lungs feel relaxed, comfortable, ready and eager, and help it get there by stretching and breathing. Simple, I know, but these are the things that I trust.


The third and final golden tip that I have for you, and this goes for males and females – don’t feel like you’re excluded for any reason – but, make sure your underwear is right for your outfit. I know, you’re saying – what the heck? But I have seen many a performer, professional and amateur, I swear, having some issues with their choice of underwear / outfit.

You don’t want: lumpy, liney, bunched up, too tight, too loose, baggy, suffocating, obvious, bright colours under a surprisingly see through outfit (unless that’s the look you’re going for – but you don’t want it accidentally), distracting, worrying or just plain absurd underwear creeping into your thoughts while you perform. It’s quite distracting to you and your audience, and it’s so easily avoidable.

Trust me. It’s a golden rule. Don’t forget it.

I know I’ll have more things to suggest, but this is where I’ll start. Feel free to share your golden tips for performing and singing in the comments below.