Bay community singers

The Bay Community Singers is led by Jessie Vintilla, however, while she is running her “Sing The Camino” Tours through Spain, I am delighted to be holding the reigns and raising my voice with¬†whoever would like to come along and warm their hearts with music.

The Bay Community Singers is part vocal workshop, part improvisation, part sing along, part ‘whatever you need it to be’.

I have found that people, including myself, come along to community groups such as this for many and varied reasons. Be it to learn some new techniques for singing, or learn new songs, or make friends, shake off performance fears, learn harmonies, or something deeper, to make connections, heal hearts or to just have a laugh, please know you’ll be welcomed here.

We will meet at the beautiful Byron Bay Community Centre, upstairs in the group rooms. I will be bringing along a whole lot of songs and resources and generally feeling the vibe of the group that arrives as to what exercises we’ll warm to, some good songs to jam, possibly some songwriting, or performance ideas, maybe some helpful exercises for nervousness and if the group wants, we could have a masterclass where people sing and explore their own sound in a safe environment for sharing.

The options are endless and I’m very much looking forward to it.

A donation of $10 is appreciated.

Bay Community Singers is at 10:30AM, running weekly, for one hour.


I will be leading the group for five weeks until Jessie’s return.

Really looking forward to seeing you there!!!