As I sink down into the post-summersong smoosh of student admin, websites, book keeping, life being so much like life,
I quietly have my bootlegs of Summersong choirs playing, soothing me, listening to our giggles,
hearing my own voice seeking the right notes and timing,
Tony’s supreme tone guiding the forces that swirl under his tutelage…
My mind sees the rainy days of this years camp,
the quiet time I had to myself to practice my passion,
the new friends, laughing with old friends,
this hilarious week where I have bestest of best friends and our chats go deep deep, sort some shit out; the best kinds of counselling for the soul- Good friends who don’t mind talking about how your heart hurt this year.
Laughing till I cry at the pool.
The food someone else cooked for me.
The lessons I learnt about singing, teaching, facilitating, weeping, helping, not helping, jamming…
The new teachers with us this year, ah, Mr Mark Bromley, who taught me music theory basics 20 solid years ago, punching out jazz charts on 8 instruments over my right shoulder…
My blister, nearly healed: dun dun – 1, shelly – nil. I put up a fight, dang it.
Thanks and big love to all the folks who make it what it is.
Happy Birthday to Alison for yesterday. I hope I’m right about that. Hope you had a stunning day. Thanks for teaching me how to make stuff happen.
If you need more of my music in your life, you can buy my little albums from (pick your price) or listen to my podcast reminding you of all the things we talked about, more or less.
I have big plans for this year. And whilst I don’t want you to literally hold me accountable to them, I’m good, I got this; it’s so very encouraging to know this community is supportive, eager, good at brainstorming and a wide network reaching out around the globe.
Lotsa love SummerSong 2020 xxx