Australian Music Publications

Publication Type Based/ Publisher Frequency Website Email address need to have NO SPACES Categories
 Acclaim Mag
Australian Guitar  Monthly
Australian Hi Fi  Bi-Monthly
Australian Musician Magazine Online Publication Australian Music Association Quarterly  Email: info ‘@’
 Beat Magazine  Melbourne / Furst Media  E: georgia ‘@’  Music, Food, Melbourne
 BMA Magazine  Canberra/ Radar Media Fortnightly
Broadsheet  Sydney / Broadsheet Media
Cream Magazine Pop Culture
Culture Mag Coffee Table Publication Toowong, QLD Quarterly hello ‘@’
 DJ Australia  Sydney  Monthly
 Forte Mag  Geelong, VIC/ Mcnamara Publishing enquiries ‘@’
 Frankie  Magazine  Morrison Media  Bi-Monthly  editorial ‘@’ Culture, Design, Fashion
Happy Mag  Online  Enmore, NSW  tom ‘@’  Music, Youth, Culture
Hysteria Magazine  Burleigh, QLD/ Hysteria Media  Monthly
 Limelight  Sydney  Monthly  editors ‘@’  Classical Music
Mixdown Monthly  Richmond, VIC/ Furst Media  mixdown ‘@’
Monster Children
New Philosopher  Quarterly  ab ‘@’
No Cure  mark ‘@’
 Oyster International Magazine  Oyster Media Group Pty Ltd Quarterly  editorial ‘@’  Fashion, Culture, Music
Peril Magazine Melbourne, VIC
Rolling Stone Magazine Australia Magazine Paper Riot Pty Ltd Monthly letters ‘@’
Rhythms Mag  Magazine  Mayfield, NSW/  Bi-Monthly  admin ‘@’ Roots music Magazine
The Music (DRUM) (Inpress) Tabloid style Magazine Free Weekly Editorial: news ‘@’
 TOM Time Off Magazine
The Monthly Print Magazine Schwartz Media
Vault Art Quarterly S.MOSHAKIS ‘@’ VAULTART.COM.AU Australasian Art & Culture
 The Weekly Review
 Womankind  award ‘@’  Design, Culture, Fashion
 Yen  Sydney/ nextmedia