Ladies Gonna Chill

Is your 2020 not going according to plans? Would you say there’s a bit of a spanner in the works? Yeah… well. You probably just need to trot away and take pause for a moment. Let’s stretch a little and create a little good juju in our lives.

Come with a creative project in mind, or go where the flow takes you, the objective is to chill.

Next “Ladies Gonna Chill”: Saturday December the 5th – Lennox Head

Ladies Will Chill Again……….

Stretch, Create, Sing: Repeat

A glorious yoga class, roaming masseuses, a delightful lunch, a singing workshop and plenty of chill.


The gentlest, all inclusive, calming yoga class you can imagine. Led by the incredible Kathryn Riding.

Awesome Food

Think light, healthy, think tasty food. Think yumbo. Please share your dietary thoughts when you register.

Roaming Masseuses

Wait. What did you just say? That there will be delightful lady masseuses roaming around doling out 20 minutes hand, neck or shoulder massages? Shut the Front Door.

Singing Workshop

We’ll space out in very spacing out kind of way, and just learn a couple songs in delightful harmony. A little vocal explore, a little learning about your beautiful voice. A little sing song to fill your heart. Loosen up and more your body to free thy mind.

Chill Out

I think you need to chill. I’m usually right about this sort of thing.

Lennox Head

Even if you live around the corner or in the next town, I think you’ll find a little time out will go a long way.

Holiday Nearby?

Why the Heck not. It’s 2020. Bugger it.


Before you ask though – read all the words below 

What do I need to know?

Let’s keep it small. Our group of six to eight Ladies will arrive for a yoga class to start the day. Gentle, relaxing, stretch it out. You will be sung to while you yoga. that’s insane. 

Next we’ll flop somewhere and reagin strength to move. Even relaxing yoga is a lot of spoons sometimes.


We’ll have some glorious lunch.

Early afternoon will be swanning about by the pool,

and then on to a singing workshop in gentle air con if required.

Since 2020

What should I bring?

To Bring or not to Bring, that is the question….

  • Favourite sarong or wrap. It’s a lifestyle choice.
  • Notebooks and pens
  • Sunnies and thongs.
  • Yoga wear, yoga mat, drink bottle
  • Swimwear, a sun hat and a care-free attitude
  • An instrument or two; paint & paintbrushes; moulding clay; crafty glue, whatever your expressive jamboree is (it’s ok we’ll also have some on hand). There’s a creative workshop which is as inclusive as anything ever has been.
  • Or just bring very little. Bugger it. Travel light and have food brought to you. xx Don’t be worried.

We’ll have a brainstorm before our day begins of your favourite bands and music and a customised digital songbook will arrive in your email prior to commencement for google free, song singing 🙂

What should I leave behind?

Leave behind your worries and your woes. We’ll keep it light and chill. Nothing is planned before 9am.

Unless you plan something. I mean.. you do you. That’s the point.

World Health Consideration

It’s been a hard year. And I feel privileged a.f. to be saying I’d like a Ladies Day Out. Yup. I get it.

I’m seeing a lot of connection lost, people looking for people. Some people just like interacting with people… So…

If you would do the group the honour of not heading too far away from your local area for the 14 days prior to the weekend – It goes without saying to a Hotspot right? but I’ll say it anyway. If you would do the group the honour of really observing your personal health, well-being, social distancing and breathing space for 14 days before our weekend, that would be appreciated.

We all need breathing space. Thats what it’s about.

  • Instruments will be sanitised regularly
  • Singing will be extremely spaced out
  • Please bring your own notebooks, writing tools, drink bottles etc.
  • Our Yoga Teacher is well aware and catering to our requirements for our health and hers


Liquid and Gas

Please Note: This is a no smoking event. Please walk the waft far, far away xx soz. Far. Far away.

Drinking: If you know me, you probably know I don’t mind a glass of wine…. however, whilst this is Not a No drinking event, it would be appreciated if we could keep our alcohol intake to a chilled minimum please. Maximum chilling opportunities may present themselves with the least amount of pounding hangover… and women and alcohol usually turns into a chicken yard of squawking. I don’t mean to hinder your fun, it’s just not what Ladies Gonna Chill is about. x (That’s a different day out… That’s Ladies Gonna Squawk 2020 🙂 bahahaha

Ladies Gonna


Cost Break Down

Let’s talk Moolah

Total: $70

  • Your money covers: 1 yoga class, 1 singing workshop and a touch of insurance & a glorious lunch.
  • Plus a bunch of things not valued by money… a new friend, a sing around the pool, good coffee, some nature, a new outlook for a few days…. A digital sing-along book, a chill the flip out check list, and I’m sure a few other delightful surprises as we go along… I’m still brainstorming it all… can you tell???!!


Uncoil, Unwind, De-gas

Your Weekend Timeline



Yoga Class







Chill, Digest, Pool

Singing Workshop

Chill & Pool 

I can’t make it to this one, but…

Pop me on the mailing list for a head’s up for the next one please..

I shall register to attend here:

You will receive an email with payment details. To attend, you will need to make a 50% payment by the 1st December, and the remainder 1 days before we chill.


If WE need to cancel due to any world health issues, you will receive a full refund.

It’s so soon there’s not much room for cancellation. But if you need to cancel, please let the organiser know to try and fill your spot. This day is by direct invitation only- so please don’t fill your place with a stranger. That would be weird. If you can give 7 days notice, another delightful soul might be able to fill your spot. To try and sort a cancellation out directly before the weekend will impose a stress that will be unlike chilling.


Can I just come to some of the day – not all of it?

No. Sorry. There’s no sliding price arrangement with this day. It either works for you or it doesn’t. There’ll be another one for sure. But for this jamboree, it’s an all day event. 



Registration for Ladies Gonna Chill

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