The Happ Vocal Workshops

Hi! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I began teaching The Happ Vocal Workshops back in 2014. I held it in Tintenbar Hall. It was really fun, but in Winter, it got a little crazy cold. And I’m such a woos burger and, as a result, I called it a day and we never made it back. But I met a lot of lovely people and we shared some harmony and fun times.

I teach Singing Lessons in Lennox Head and currently my dance card is full, consequently, friends old and new, ask if The Happ will ever surface again. So here, in the middle of winter, I have found a space with a heater, that I feel I should fill with music and smiles. It is a private residence near the top of the hill in Lennox. As it is a private residence, Bookings are essential as I don’t wish to advertise the address openly, however, I foresee I will hold “Winter Happ” there, and towards Summer, we will head somewhere downtown so we can sing for the ocean and sunset.

The Happ is a vocal workshop designed to approach many things at once. And I try to teach in a very transparent way, so you can assess yourself and approach your learning in a warm, safe, fun environment and feel yourself growing. All you need to bring is the passion to want to sing. You don’t need any skills, you just have to ‘want’. I can’t teach that. You get points for walking in the door. Cause I know how hard that is. By ‘Transparent’ – I mean, I’ll set up an exercise and really pinpoint what my focus is, and then change the focus as we go along, so you can see how one exercise can work for many things.

I am recently, particularly inspired, but taking up Hula Dance lessons, with the incredible Lilith Rochas in Suffolk Park. In a similar fashion, you don’t need to be an acclaimed dancer to walk in the door, you just have to want to. Gather yourself the grace and peace, and strength to walk in the door, and you will find yourself amongst with like hearted, courageous people.

Vocal techniques

We’ll work through vocal techniques with various examples, different approaches, sounds and strengths. Taking it easy. Nothing is meant to hurt. We will be healing any singing scars you may be holding on to. We all have them. I have plenty. They Can be calmed. They can be squashed. They can be healed. We’ll work on relaxing and breathing. Approachable music theory. Well known songs, and completely unknown songs. Expect gospel, soul, folk music.

Some classes later in term will be in a Master Class Fashion, if the class agrees. Where we will perform for each other. But only if you want. You can tap out of an exercise any time you like. No judgement. No worries. Do what you wanna do. You’ll learn from your peers and you’ll find your space.

It’s a circle thing

No one is left out, and whilst observing personal space, You are the master of your domain. By which I mean, your sliver of space on this earth is yours, and no one else’s, and you are the boss of it. So holding space, sitting and standing in a circle, is of particular importance to me.

It is my hope that you will find The Happ to be a good vocal lesson to support your singing in a choir, with your family, with friends and family around a camp fire, performances, public speaking, speeches at work, teaching in a classroom, working through anxiety, nervousness, building confidence, growing your self esteem, believing in yourself, name remembering skillzzz, and more. The Happ vocal workshops may help your strengthen your singing if you’re multitasking by playing another instrument.

A strange note for me to make would be, if possible: could you refrain from wearing much perfumes or intense deodorant please. Delightful personal hygiene aside of course! We’re going to be working with breathing, so if you can be respectful of my stupidly sneezy nose I will be forever in your debt! My god. I can’t believe I just wrote that……… 

What other questions do you have?



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The Happ Dates:

Wk 1 – July 22nd (technically school starts the next day mind you…)

Wk 2 – July 29th

Wk 3 – **August 5 – NO HAPP TBC…

Wk 4 – August 12th

Wk 5 – August 19th

Wk 6 – August 26th

Wk7 – September 2nd

Wk 8 – September 9th

Wk 9 – September 16th

Wk 10 – September 23rd