Singwriting and songing

5pm – 5:45pm Songwriting
5:45pm – 6:30pm Vocal Joy
Acknowledgement to Arakwal Bundjalung Country
wriggle nerves, energy, good vibes. dance to a song.  take up space
“Knifes Edge’
mia, miah, joshua
cathy, tirzra, hani, carolina, penny, gabrielle, carly, soni,
Welcome. Introduction. license to take up space and share and be.
No Rules. No apologies.
We’re gonna start with only complementary nuts.
We might learn about songwriting and voice and then we might have some beautiful tools to complement, but, you can have am million nice things said and you’ll remember the one critic. so complementary nuts for now.
heckling with cheering.
we are all poppies.
writing – whats your strength?
Strength based learning.
what are you good at, and how can it be your super power here?
breathing, ham toast, singing,
Automatic writing.     5 minutes.
i remember the smell of the cats hair, coming out with sunshine and flwoers,
watching everywhere it wanted to go
i remember taking everything you could do and wseeing it from another direction,
i remember the places it used to flow.
i didnt ever seem i didnt ever believe, i didnt ever want to be anyting but me
i dont even know if i can see nide
but i know in my heart it will always arrive.
when is the day, that nothing else will come. nothing else can be known if noone is the known one.
nothing else believes.
Hand out a thing, feel it.
ruffely, fragile, sweet, calm, delicate, light, spiney, bendy, alien, pointy, folded, symmetrical, overlapping, asymetrical,
and they swam out over the rufely sea,
delicate and calm and sweet,
over the waves and through the briny land of water when its held in your hand,
fishes, spiney and alien,
pointed, at where they could go next,
but never down deep, always in the light,
always keeping abreast.
overlapping their love,
like an asymetrical bond,
over they go like leaves,
findng calm in the folded ocean heart,
till at last my love they are home.
And They Danced….
and they swam
Each of these words- make the metaphor a physical thing.
Eg Anger is a firetruck.
Anger is
Bravery is
Fear is
Sorrow is
Dreams are
Sleep is
Death is
Then make each one a sentence.
e.g.  Anger is a firetruck, it drives through town like a lunatic.
1 Verse – 1 CHORUS
record it, cheat. copy, steal. from words you written, or something else. on drive home, or night before.
nothing like a deadline. No Apologies.
7 Minute Wee Break  – Say hello, meet a friend
If you meet someone new – come back and introduce  them to the class
Safe, capable,
major scale.
major chord.
minor chord.
minor 9 chord.
I want to be free.
speech, sob, twang.
chest and falsetto.
Chain Chain Chain.
Dance out