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MRS MIYAGI is Shelly Brown and Carla Versitano, singing harmony and strumming away, like the sunshine has no name.

Original songs to make you smile, weep, dance and sing. Harmonies woven gently from the fabric of time.

Mrs Miyagi is often joined by a m a z i n g special guests, such as Dan Brown on the U-Bass, various and wonderful percussionists, stunning vocalists (making the harmonies swoon to unimaginable proportions) and various canines.

The only way to get things done is to book them in and make them happen. People are busy people. Shelly is a vocal teacher, performer and a PR manager for an aircraft factory; Carla is a Yoga instructor from another realm, vocalist and teacher. Lives are busy, but priorities of harmony rise to the top when Mrs Miyagi comes to town.

She also quite likes tea.

MRS MIYAGI has performed at The Rous Mill Unplugged; The Belongil Treehouse; and the Dust Temple Poetry Slam. She is looking forward to playing for the Lismore Lantern Parade, recording an EP with Studio 301 and has her fingers crossed for some local musical conquests… I’m looking at you Splendour in the Grass ūüėČ


What the People Say:

“Their voices weave together so sweetly”.

“I could have listened to that song all night, on repeat, till the sun came up”.

“Wow, you really like tea!”


MRS MIYAGI Stage/Spec Sheet:

U-Bass                                                      Vocals + Baritone Ukulele                                        Vocals + Percussion

1 Bass Amp                                               1 D.I. + 1 Vocal Microphone                                    1 Microphone

Dan Brown                                                Shelly Brown                                                            Carla Versitano


Band Rider:

Cherry Blossoms from Japan,

A dark brown bowler cap and a frozen carrot,

Colouring in pencils and a roll of toilet paper,

73 Pecan nuts,

And seven kittens frolicking in a bonsai garden.


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