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Singing Lesson Enquiry | Shelly Brown

Shelly sings from her soul. Actually, it’s deeper than that. It’s like it’s from her bones. Every cell of her being is sung when she performs. This type of vulnerability and artistry is special to see, feel and hear.

Shelly Brown is a force of nature. Subtle, but powerful like the tides. Be sure to experience her overwhelm, at least once in your life. Shelly’s band features horns, harmonies, rhythm and groove. The set will build, from intimate and poetic, to a powerfully heartfelt alchemy of soul music.

No matter the ensemble, the set will build, from intimate and poetic, to a powerfully heartfelt alchemy of soul music. Shelly Brown has been a performing singer, songwriter and singing teacher for over a decade on the North Coast of NSW, and has performed around the world in various line-ups including a jazz duo and her own original soul band.

She has independently produced albums and EP’s, and when she’s not promoting them, she’s the PR manager for her family business, (which, incidentally, manufactures Australia’s safest light sport ultralight aircraft, the Australian LightWing).

Shelly Brown + Dan Brown Duo

Shelly and Dan met way back in the early 21st century, however, started to perform music together in 2009 and wondered why they had taken so long. Dan’s sometimes delicate, often funky and always attentive accompanying supports Shelly’s improvising, unique and full voiced style. They enjoy playing music, and it shows. You can hear their honest laughs of joy from the stage, and it’s infectious to say the least.

Soul Band Bio

Shelly Brown brings laid-back soul to relax your mind and move your body to. Featuring rich vocal harmonies, delicately woven lyrics and a fearless band of magnetic musicians. Shelly can most often be found leading an incredible quartet – featuring, vocals, guitar, keys/synth, bass and drum kit. With a distinct Australian soul, personal tone, supported by decades in the business, Shelly is a superbly dynamic singer who will make you groove and relax your shoulders to some soulful sweetness.

A band of friends connecting, truly enjoying the music they create, is a show to cherish. An opportunity with good sound, a listening crowd, a music lovin, toe tapping, getting into soul music is what this band is seeking. These words want to be heard. You won’t be dismayed.

In 2012, then ‘enmaidened’ named Shelly Hughes released her first album, ‘Where The Owl Was’ to critical acclaim. The music was received with open arms, warm reviews and cups of tea, “Honeyed Soul” was the sentiment echoed by ABC Radio’s Robbie Buck. A dream band, hand-picked and flown in from around the country, has been performing to packed houses at places like Mullumbimby Music Festival, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and Melbourne.
With the awe-inspiring birth of a new human in 2013, both the music and the parents have taken on new life and new rhythms. But don’t be fooled, Shelly Hughes’ performance is no lullaby – rather a soul filled, passionate vocal expression with slick bass lines, defined rim shots and embracing keys. Honeyed soul indeed…

The live show promises rich honeyed soul infused with a deep groove and slick jazz undertones.

Folk Duo Bio

Raised by sailors & aviators on a steady diet of singing around the family table, Shelly Brown was accustomed to Aussie folk & sea shanty’s from the get-go. Into the study of music she went, meeting jazz & soul, her husband on piano, and a child to-boot! Overseas tours, independent albums, house concerts, pandemics & a house flood; a passion for leading vocal workshops to warm the soul (not to mention her singing podcast); now, through rebuilding home & studio, Shelly dreams to share her new album with a lifelong goal- the National Folk Festival.

Vocal Workshop Bio

Shelly leads a vocal workshop like a wander through a playground. Vocal exploration through songs, harmony, body work and fun. Music is about percussion, breathing, dance and shedding your worry for how things should sound, and leaning into how things feel that day, in this way, there is no right or wrong, just sing. Shelly has studied Contemporary vocals, (Certificate, Bachelor, Honours), toured with various bands near and far (Red Bantoo, CBD Dub Project, Cass Eager), Supported some world class legends (Jon Cleary, Dionne Warwick, The Badloves), and created a number of albums (Under “Shelly Brown” (nee “Hughes”).

Using a mixture of music and textures with a focus on Australian; Female; Original; Gospel; Maori; Brazilian and African ingredients- a cake will be made with the moment in time of that days workshop. Different every time, creating this golden orb of sustenance for the soul. See ya then!!

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Album: “Focus”

Shelly Brown – 2019

Released Independently

Album: “A Better Place”

The Fortunate Souls – 2019

Released Independently

Album: “The Truth and all it’s Cracks”

The Fortunate Souls – 2019

Released Independently

The Fortunate Souls Album Cover

Album: “Where the Owl was”

Shelly Brown – 2012

Vitamin Records

Where The Owl Was


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Shelly has one of those incredibly rare voices that reaches deep into your soul and controls you at will. Utterly captivating, dangerously powerful and honest as it comes. The best I’ve ever known.

Lloyd Spiegel, Australian Blues Guitarist

“Ahhhh!!! How can I sum up the magnificent Shelly Brown! We organise a variety of musical events at our local hall…. from monthly unplugged evenings dance your sox off nights, to swoon-full jazz afternoons. Shelly has graced us with her beautiful voice, amazing original song writing and brilliant musicianship on several occasions. She draws in a crowd of followers new and old. We love her style and presence. No-one leaves untouched”

Honeyed Soul

Robbie Buck; Radio National.

Vocalist Shelly Hughes, the “mistress of twang”, the “siren of sob”, takes you to emotional places places with her vocal interpretations. The warmth of her connection with the audience has them smiling in wonder, sometimes eyes closed, but fully aware of how such a voice can move you.