Shelly is currently involved in a great number of projects… With Carla Versitano in Mrs Miyagi; Creating songs with Producer Dirk Terrill; writing and recording her next album; preforming at local Home Concerts via Home Made Jam, creating events with The FunMaker Silent Disco Team, teaching vocal lessons, preparing her next round of group workshops


“Where The Owl Was” (2012) is Shelly’s 3rd release after her independent release “Azucar” (2006); and her University Honours graduation project “Feel so Free” (2002).

Her album “Where The Owl Was” is a thoughtful response to a long anticipated soul and R&B pilgrimage to USA in 2011. Immersing herself in the sights and sounds of the homeland of soul and Jazz, these stunning tunes have effortlessly flown from her pen, to roost in your ear nests.

Enjoyed awesome reception in the band Red Bantoo at the following great Aussie festivals – Woodford 2011 and 2010, Peat’s Ridge, Island Vibes and Mullumbimby Music Festival, as well as CAMA Festival in Hanoi. In this group Shelly is singing Lead as well as laying down delicious harmonies.

Shelly has sung in CBD Dub Project supporting Easy Dub All Stars and Kora.

She is a frequent performer in a Jazz Duet with the irrepressible Dan Brown, laying down smashing sets at The Brisbane Jazz Club and York Jazz Fest in 2010. As a duo they had a hootenanny supporting the New Orleans Dirty Dozens Brass Band and Jon Cleary at their North Coast concerts.

Shelly’s mellifluous style is eclectic and unique, instantly recognizable as a seasoned pro. Drawing on a wide range of timbres and influences she crystallises her broad tastes in a unique powerhouse.

“Where The Owl Was” is a distillation of honesty, playfulness, depth and experience. The result of years of song writing and six months of tireless production, this album is a clear expression of clever musicality, sensuality and above all, pure talent.

“Where The Owl Was”; Release Date: June 11th; 2012.
Distributed by Vitamin Records


Shelly’s background is in writing poetry with endless scrawlings of thoughts on random pieces of paper and in blank books desiring such things. She also grew up in a musical family, where playing music after dinnertime was a common occurrence throughout her childhood. Singing came naturally. She then learnt guitar from the age of fifteen, and began piano from about the age of nineteen. Other instruments slowly followed; with drums, bass, flute and ukulele; though she’s the first to say she’s a jedi master of none.

Shelly’s influences are varied and bizarre, as are anyone’s. From an early musical diet of James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Crosby Stills and Nash, to a more contemporary Australian Soul scene of Georgia Potter, Ngaiire, and Elana Stone.

Living in one of Australia’s coastal musical hubs certainly helped inspire and influence as well, as most touring artists somehow manage to lovingly fit the picturesque and distinct seaside village of Byron Bay into their international tour or festival schedule.


  • “Shelly has one of those incredibly rare voices that reaches deep into your soul and controls you at will. Utterly captivating, dangerously powerful and honest as it comes. The best I’ve ever known” Lloyd Spiegel
  • “Honeyed Soul” Robbie Buck, Inside Sleeve, ABC Radio National
  • “Vocalist Shelly Hughes, the “mistress of twang”, the “siren of sob”, takes you to emotional places places with her vocal interpretations. The warmth of her connection with the audience has them smiling in wonder, sometimes eyes closed, but fully aware of how such a voice can move you” Peter Lino, Home Made Jam, House Concerts Network

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