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Shelly Brown Where The Owl Was

New Studio Album Out Soon

Featuring Mrs Miyagi

Available Late 2019

Folk – Soul

Shelly Brown Where The Owl Was

“The Truth and All it’s Cracks”

Studio Album Available from The Fortunate Souls

Funk – Soul

Shelly Brown Where The Owl Was

“Where The Owl Was”

Album Available from Vitamin Records

Soul – Funk – Blues

Subtle, but powerful like the tides. Shelly Brown is a force of nature.

Be sure to experience her overwhelm, at least once in your life.

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach and much, much more.

Born in the bayou of Ballina in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Shelly was brought up singing music around the dinner table with her family. Music was about participation, passion and personal expression.

Immersed in the family business of manufacturing Light Sport Aircraft and a million other innovative creations, in which her job profile extended from weighing every single piece of the light aircraft to making the websites, to hanging out of helicopters to create the promo material or inserting her arms deep into wing cavities to fix push rods, she gained a diverse range of skills to assess, create, get involved and be interested in the entire processes of things. From inspiration, to creation to promotion and belief in a strong product. Who would have thunk the metaphor between aircraft design and independent music was possible, but, there it is.

Like Pancakes on a Sunday…

Thusly, she headed off to university to study music. Created some fearful albums, some fearless albums, learnt a little, taught a lot, travelled, toured and wrote. Always write. Always carry a guitar, and failing that, a pen.

For now the “To Do List” is long and diverse so be sure to stay tuned for the next album popping out in 2019. The Fortunate Souls Writing and Recording project with Producer Dirk Terrill has one full length album out and another hot on it’s heels for 2019/2020. The Mrs Miyagi Vocal Trio is currently on hiatus while babies are busy being babies, but she’ll never be far away from flouncing around a summery festival somewhere soon, music will also erupt from her like pancakes on a Sunday morning… slowly, and filled with sunshine and honey.

On the current burners, you will find The Happ Vocal Workshop is returning in Term 3 of 2019. The Happ is a place to explore your voice with like minded inquisitive community. Get into your vocal techniques, breath a little, laugh a lot, warm up and practise working through your anxieties and question marks within your singing. Bookings are essential, please get in contact for more info. And bubbling away at the back is a New Podcast for the singer who’s ready to do some voice work in the safety of their own podcast listening place.

Shelly has one of those incredibly rare voices that reaches deep into your soul and controls you at will. Utterly captivating, dangerously powerful and honest as it comes. The best I’ve ever known.

Lloyd Spiegel; Australian Blues Guitarist. AUS

Honeyed Soul

Robbie Buck; ABC Radio National. AUS

Shelly is the queen, no, the empress of R&B. What a voice to die for! What a groove! What a kick!

Kristina Olsen; Folk/Blues Singer/Songwriter. U.S.A




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